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Dig It! TV

Dig It! TV offers unparalleled access to the sites, objects and people that form Scotland’s heritage. By blending “traditional” topics with themes such as Minecraft and Game of Thrones, this channel is bringing Scotland’s stories to a wider audience.

Dig It! TV currently consists of three series, mirroring the themes of History, Heritage and Archaeology. ‘Dig It! TV’ tackles challenging issues such as attitudes to death, space and place, and the importance of individual connections to the past. ‘Scotland Goes Pop’ explores the role of heritage today by inviting the audience into the remarkable sites that influence pop culture. ‘Scotland’s Saga’ tells the untold stories behind the men and women who have come and gone over the last two thousand years.

Regular YouTube content is researched, filmed, presented and edited by two doctoral researchers and two freelance historians on a volunteer basis and managed by Dig It! 2017.

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