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Dig It! TV

Dig It! TV offers unparalleled access to the sites, objects and people that form Scotland’s heritage. By blending “traditional” topics with themes such as Minecraft and Game of Thrones, this channel is bringing Scotland’s stories to a wider audience.

Penicuik House

Crafting the Past

Thanks to the first full-scale, topographically accurate and interactive map of Scotland in Minecraft, gamers throughout the world can explore thousands of years of history. 

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What’s The Story?

Archaeology is all about discovering and telling Scotland’s stories. By blurring the lines between eras and weaving legend into reality, John Felix has brought six archaeology-inspired stories together to create the intricate illustration below.

Watling Lodge _ Border

Resources – Crafting the Past

Thinking of using Minecraft as a learning tool, looking for some inspiration or want to know more about these worlds? Check out the free resources below!

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Scotland in Six

Celebrate Scotland’s iconic sites and hidden gems during the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology 2017.

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